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Who Is Elfrida?

Grete-Johanne Torvholm, alias Elfrida. The up-and-coming 24-year-old musician/songwriter/music producer/technician/composer is a multi-talented force whose unique and captivating voice conveys deep feelings in a musical space that challenges categorization.

Elfrida welcomes the listener to a musical universe that fluctuates on the borderline of pop, heavily influenced by the electronic landscape, combined with her candor voice and vocal production. Creating songs outside of traditional structures allows her to explore an altered pop aesthetic and is a crucial part of her musical expression.She states music is what emotions sound like, and it emerges from somewhere between the soul and the subconscious.


Growing up above the artic circle is big part of for the identity of Elfrida. It has taught her to navigate through the rough and cold, while remaining open and good. 

Elfrida’s Northern-Norwegian roots shape her musical sound to reflect the harsh and ever-changing climate contrasted by the warm and open-spirited people. A woman that demonstrated this open-spirited kindness was her grandmother, Dina Elfrida. Grete-Johanne chose the artist alias Elfrida as a tribute to her memory.




Tlf: +47 412 32 253

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